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SuperHappyDevHouse 45


When: July 9, 2011, 13:00

Where: Google, 1300 Crittenden Lane, Mountain View, CA 94043

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Lightning Talk Schedule (this will be maintained by Joe Mathes)


Postmortem Notes




Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name and what you think you might work on to the list

  • Joel Franusic -
  • David Weekly
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Mike Lundy
  • Alaina Hardie - EPOC Neuroheadset interface to Second Life (in building 3 near the food behind the RepRap... pink/purple hair)
  • Philip Stehlik - groovy, grails, gelf4j
  • Ben McGraw (Grue) - steam api stuff
  • Andy Friesen - HTML5 games
  • Mark Lentczner - Belay Project and/or some Haskell hacking 
  • Igor Kaplounenko - Lorem Ipsum Roguelike (python + pygame)
  • Adrian Scott - OAuth2, Google App Engine, python, django (+ coderbuddy usability)
  • Sam Liu - OpenCV, Artificial Intelligence (NLP, ML)
  • Karan Parikh - Working with Sam
  • Michael Litchard - Haskell - making some toy code closer to production-ready.
  • Daniel X. Moore - Red Ice (6 Player Local HTML5 Game, with XBox controllers) TOURNAMENT SIGN UP
  • Chris Joel - Git + Node + blogging blogginess 
  • David Newman - painting iPad portraits from life of attendees who would like to be painted
  • Kevin T. Boyd - Learning stuff, happy to help with graphics, design 
  • Amit Patel - usually I work on some browser game related project (Flash or HTML5)
  • Kevin Gadd - Probably JSIL or HTML5 games
  • Karl Ostmo - Ubuntu packages for this and this
  • Jocelyn Berl- Hack the Future- Day camp for kids. 
  • Ina Centaur - an AR card trick app for Android 
  • Jared Sohn - documenting / releasing MuteTab (global audio controls for Chrome)
  • Eyal Fishler - Creating Facebook data encryption for chat - browser add-on for Chrome - Jared, contact me @eyalfishler 
  • Sjors Provoost - Ride sharing for events in the middle of nowhere (source, idea, Ruby on Rails, I'm in the last room 2nd row in the middle) 
  • Jay Liew - to catch up on some work. I'm a Django / jQuery developer. Looking to meet up with designers + web front-end developers! @jaysern (also showing giving my dad visiting from Malaysia a taste of the Silicon Valley life! SHDH & Google)



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh45.

Check them out here:



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.

  • James Salsman - would like to carpool from Redwood City to arrive before Noon for FutureHappyDevHouse


Lightning Talks:

If you would like to tell your fellow hackers about something you think is cool, head over to http://superhappydevhouse.org/LightningTalks to learn more about Lightning Talks and remember to obey Joe.


Lightning Talk Schedule (this will be maintained by Joe Mathes)




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