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(a SuperHappyDevHouse event for the Washington DC area!)


Hey there! DevHouse:DC now has its own site.

Check out http://devhousedc.org for future events! 


-- first event info, kept for posterity... --


Saturday, October 2nd, noon-11pm



Palantir Tech's DC Office (AKA Rivendell)

8th Floor

1660 International Drive

McLean, VA 22102

(Google Maps Link)
(Palantir_DC_Rivendell_Directions.pdf - feel free to park in the 'short term' all day on Saturday!)

(No walkable metro stop; post in requests if you need a ride from West Falls Church Metro...) 



  • Come to code, craft, create. More info: 
    • Check out this article for more info about (SuperHappy)DevHouse in Silcon Valley.
    • Check out a past event to see what people work on at these things. 
  • Bring your laptop (and/or other gear) and your brain, we'll provide wifi and food.
  • Present cool stuff during five-minute Lightning talks.
  • Meet other hackers and thinkers
  • Hang out with friends. (INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!)
  • Free wifi, food, and drinks to fuel creativity
  • Past pictures: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=shdh&m=tags
  • It's not a party (but it's fun), it's not a conference (but you'll learn something), it's not a networking event (though you'll meet cool people) 



  • 12:00pm-6pm: hacking and partying
  • 6pm-7pm: dinner
  • 7pm-8pm: lighting talks
  • 8pm-11pm: more hacking and more partying




Who's going to be here and why?

  • Steve Downing
  • Zachary Wyatt - making something fun for new android
  • Tony Nassar, black belt - Hadoop + Cascading, if we're all lucky.
  • Laura Rubin  - Fibercraft with LEDs: felt and lace.
  • Damen Knight - Voted "Most Likely to Burst Into Flames"
  • Jason Kohles - Robot Nerf Turret, possibly other robot projects...
  • Jessy Kate - WordAPI (NLP stuff with python/nltk/machine learning classifiers...) 
  • Kelly O'Blennis
  • Ben Matheny
  • Jon Rios 
  • Paul Singh - messing around with Rails, probably on a side project - notarycrm.com
  • Varvn Aryacetas - Crisis Mapping
  • Tony Primerano - I need to get out of the house.  Rails3/Linux/coder @primerano


Questions? Want to help organize?

Email organizers at devhousedc@googlegroups.com.



carpooling? need a ride from the metro?  holla.