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SuperHappyDevHouse 38


When: June 26th, 2010, starting at 3pm

Where: Hacker Dojo, Mountain View, CA

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name and what you think you might work on to the list

  • Philip - getting getFooter.com into public beta and looking for excellent technical co-founder
  • Ben - Who can say! A game? A library for writing games? A utility for writing games? It is hard to predict a month in advance, but you may have detected a theme.
  • Yury Lifshits - Ranking Engine
  • Chris A. - Either hacking on an ELF project or working on a filesystem event monitor with plugin support. I'm bad at names.
  • Aarlo - not sure yet 
  • Grue (Ben McGraw) - 2d Games and Website Infrastructure for said 2d games 
  • Gilles de Bordeaux - Android application
  • Daniel Moore - Contrasaurus 
  • Otavio Good - The usual augmented reality and maybe my Random Hacks of Kindness landslide visualization 
  • Drew Perttula - palm pre phone apps, a better GPS gui, theater lighting software, converting more stuff to use MongoDB
  • Matt Harrington - playing with F# on Mono, if my new laptop arrives in time.
  • Gauthier Segay - looking for an alt.net crowd in the sf bay area ? maybe playing with Norm (mongo/.net) , (or get in touch with someone learning supercollider just in case) talk to anyone about cobra
  • Dave Masselink - Learning and playing with Django to build a school management web app; doing other fun stuff with Python and maybe Arduino 
  • Chris DeLeon -  Evangelizing hobby videogame development, and either working on some of my iPad/iPhone projects or developing my research web game
  • Conrad Albrecht-Buehler - Would like to discuss user error when using touch interfaces with any interested attendees.
  • Enno - advanced procrastination. Would like to find some people to play Werewolf with (that went surprisingly well).
  • EdMuller - Fog::Vcloud work ... Maybe explore Node.js a little and start work on a vCloud lib in js. 
  • Andrey Petrov - Rewriting Tweepsect (find your stalkers) using undocumented @Anywhere features.
  • Andrew B - working on FlyByChat 
  • Reid Burke — Improving Intate, handmade gifts for your friends: EtsyNode and YUI 
  • Kiran Vaka - Mobile CRM development using Appcelerator Titanium framework; Would like to discuss more about Titanium and CRM and also looking for contacts in Disaster and Emergency Management
  • John Tulloch - Organizing STS-131 Launch photos and STS-132 #NASATweetup photos in to a presentation.
  • Stig Hackvan - tinkering with GO and Android -- also looking for a new housemate in MtnView...
  • Joe Sondow - playing with Amazon Web Services and seeing what others are working on



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh[NUMBER].

Check them out here:



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.

  • Is anyone driving in from San Francisco that would be willing to give me a ride? (Teddy W.)
  • Gauthier is needing a ride from Rengstorff / El Camino real intersection at Los Altos, ( gauthier segay has an email on googlemail.com, and is on irc)


Lightning Talks:

If you would like to tell your fellow hackers about something you think is cool, head over to http://superhappydevhouse.org/LightningTalks to learn more about Lightning Talks and remember to obey Timothy.


Lightning Talk Schedule (this will be maintained by Timothy)