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SuperHappyDevHouse 36.5


When: February 13th, 2010, 1pm to 1am

Where: Rainbow Mansion, 21677 Rainbow drive, Cupertino CA 95014

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming 


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name and what you think you might work on to the list 


  • Sebastian Stadil - localhost
  • Mimosa Burr - academic webtools with RoR => fun with nested model forms :)
  • Philip Stehlik - getfooter.com
  • Chad Etzel - various and sundry projects
  • Devin Mullins - xmonad config edsl
  • Yury Lifshits - http://interview2010.com
  • Rowan Nairn - maybe some more ruby sketchup hacking, special valentine's day lightning talk
  • Chris Burnor - Getting out of the apartment for hacking (Python, JQuery, RoR, Django, etc)
  • Matthew Fong - more development on advancescreenings.com and maybe whatholidayistoday.com for Valentine's Day ;)
  • Curtis Chambers - making cool new stuff for Expensify
  • Tim Bonnemann - may need a quick break from parenting, that's all... ;-)
  • Gonzalo - Javascript hacking
  • Xavier Damman - LAMP developer - ListiMonkey.com
  • Crystal Y (@crystalcy) - First day of my high school's break and I want to learn by seeing crazy geeks hack together cool stuff. :)
  • Ben Weber - PHP Processing JS and AJAX hacking
  • Sachin Ahuja - Curious. Will be visiting for the first time.
  • Paco Nathan - noodling on a Java client for Redis with improved multithreading
  • Bruno Albuquerque - First time visit. Came from Brazil specially for it (well, not really, but will be there anyway ;) ). Haiku OS and operating systems in general.
  • Jorge G. Mare - hand out with the Haiku folks and get away from the boredom of Tracy for a while.
  • Larry Maloney, finishing touches on beta release for KiputerOS. (C, C++, Java, BSD) (left, went back to HD)
  • Drew Perttula - location-sending and mapping app for Palm Pre
  • Mark Lentczner - working on Haddock, the Haskell documentation system. easily distractable if anyone want to talk/learn/teach Haskell coding in general!
  • Paul Ivanov - Tufte-fying matplotlib (I'll be bringing up the rear and only get there around 9pm)
  • Kiran Vaka - Working on Tradikte - Language Translator, Nokia App
  • Dana -- first time, curious, plan to do a bunch of listening.


Who's -not- going to be here and why?



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh36.

Check them out here:



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


  • Looking for a drive from SF (downtown or lower haight), ping me @xdamman - thanks! 





Lightning Talks:

If you would like to tell your fellow hackers about something you think is cool, head over to http://superhappydevhouse.org/LightningTalks to learn more about Lightning Talks and remember to obey Timothy.


Lightning Talk Schedule (this will be maintained by Katy)



Sponz0r of hax:



(oh my! the shameless plug!)


First official DevHouse afterparty at: