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Victor, a Microsoft Silverlight Ambassador and recent Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) nominee is an independent Windows Presentation Foundation / Silverlight / Surface developer, instructor (classroom / video tutorials / written articles), published author (Foundation Blend 2: Building Applications in WPF and Silverlight (2008), Foundation Blend 3 with Silverlight (2009)), and public speaker.

Victor has over 10 years experience in the web and software development industries and has worked with large Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Universal, Warner Bros., Disney, Mattel, and Paramount Pictures. Victor has worked on some of the most cutting edge WPF and Silverlight applications that have been developed to date; including the Microsoft Surface Winebar CES demo , Surface Air Hockey with simulated physics, and the Surface EventPhotos application which both debuted at PDC in 2008.  Victor was also part of the team that launched the Microsoft Silverlight Entertainment Tonight Emmy mini-site, one of the very first Silverlight applications to market. 

In his spare time Victor continues to write books under the Friends of ED flagship Foundation series in hopes of presenting the powerful new Microsoft technologies of WPF and Silverlight to developers and designers around the globe.  Along with development and writing books, Victor reaches out to the community by teaching WPF and Silverlight in the way of traditional classroom courses at the Rich Media Institute in Venice, California.  Victor produces video tutorials on his personal blog  and recently for Microsoft in the form of Expression Starter Kits.   Victor holds online interactive workshops as well as public speaking engagements (most recently Flashapoolozastock IV in October 2009).  Victor recently co-founded the first Los Angeles Silverlight user group (LASLUG) with Microsoft.