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SHDH WishList

There are a number of things that we've been meaning to get or make for DevHouse that we just haven't been able to take care of. We decided to make a list so the community can see and possible contribute by providing, sponsoring or working on these things.


News -- Make next event accurate for newbies to sign-up



  • tshirts
  • stickers



  • rough laptop tracking via access points (we have mac address to person mapping data)
  • facebook application for managing event and then hooking people up at the event
  • Real-Time stats for projector and/or built into facebook app
    • Bandwidth
    • largest network users / abusers
    • recent arrivals
    • where people are sitting
    • what people are working on
    • schedule of events
    • last minute food/drink wish-list for latecomers stopping by the store on the way over
    • what else?



  • a new website design
    • Vote yes (Joel Franusic)
    • Vote yes (Tom Harrison)


Equipment (looking for donations)

  • Power Strips
  • Extenssion cords (short & long)
  • Linksys WRT54GL or smilar for use as linux based AP (need 2 more)
  • Multi-WAN Firewall Solution with Captive Portal (currently PFSense)
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Storage Cases for transport / stacking / storing of items above
  • Covered Utility Trailer 8'+ long, know anyone willing to donate?
    • Would greatly decrease setup time and storage hassles of devhouse crew by allowing permanent storage of:
      • Tables
      • Chairs
      • Beverage overstock
      • Storage Cases of power strips, etc.