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Welcome to the wiki for SuperHappyDevHouse 4! Make sure to add your information to the wiki.


The password is the theme for the posters on the wall in the main room.


Check out the WebCam if you'd like.





People Here



Projects Being Worked on



Rapid UI Prototyping with IWP, CrisPerdue, approx 30 min

Cris will show examples of rapid Ajax UI prototyping using IWP, his work

over the last several months. IWP supports building active, functional

user interface prototypes that can be readily converted into live

applications. The prototypes can even span multiple pages. The system

is aimed at designers using HTML and CSS, and requires no JavaScript or

server-side programming. Cris is looking for feedback on how to make a

system like this incredibly useful to Web UI designers and development



Personal Bee Demo, NicholasChim, 30 min

The Personal Bee is yet another pseudo-smart RSS reader. It works by extracting keyphrases

from the text of RSS articles and attempts to deduce new and interesting topics. The project

is in its early stages so feedback is welcomed. Since this DevHouse event has an Ajax theme,

The Personal Bee is a good case study on the pitfalls of Ajax. I could use everyone's collective

wisdom to help improve the Ajax design!


Dojo Toolkit Demo, AlexRussell

Who knows!?!?!


Fun (and useful!) JavaScript toys, AaronBoodman

Idioms and utilities for js that you didn't know existed and which will make you smile. Horray!


Renkoo Demo, DylanSchiemann, approx 30 min.

A quick overview of Renkoo, a demo of the Renkoo alpha, and a look at

the technologies and techniques used to build the app and its components.


Post-Event Chit-Chat