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SuperHappyDevHouse 31


When: March 14, 2009.  PI Day! From 1:59.27pm1 to 11pm.

Where: Rainbow Mansion, 21677 Rainbow Drive, Cupertino, CA


RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name and what you think you might work on to the list

  • Andrew Bachmann - working on Haiku ports for OpenJDK and/or Gobe Productive
  • Scott McCreary - also hacking on some sort of ports for Haiku
  • Jorge G. Mare (aka Koki) - show off Haiku on my Acer Aspire One netbook and hang out with the other Haiku folks
  • Urias McCullough - Discuss porting tactics with other Haiku folks, evangelize about Haiku to anyone willing to listen
  • Garrett Mace - polishing a Linux setup on a touch panel PC, playing with lots of LEDs, calculating the circumference of circles
  • Andrea Longo - Making webpages about yarn.
  • Adam Glickman - Giving chair massages after Y! P-camp. 
  • Jessica Mah - Learning RoR, re-uniting with old friends :) 
  • Kev Burns - Hacking IRC, Working on Recess! and talking about WebHooks and WebSockets. 
  • Brian Klug - Android dev, PBwiki hacking
  • Mike Rooney - rewriting EeeBotu and/or shipping a wxBanker 0.5 beta.
  • Gautier Hayoun - Android dev
  • Herm & Matt - we'll be hangin out and looking for help with 'droid, iPhone dev and RoR for sic ass games and an awesome LB social network
  • Hang Cheng - Django app for charity
  • David Kelso - learning iPhone, teaching RoR.
  • David Ziegler - Hacking on Django, rabbitmq, and xmpp
  • DrewPerttula - nevow + openid
  • Andy Friesen - C#/XNA games, maybe AJAX/HTML unit testing
  • I-Gene Leong - getting out on weekends! ... oh, you mean, a project? Possibly reverse engineering an arcade game.
  • Jayson Vantuyl - hacking in the corner, Vertebra, maybe docs, maybe code
  • Marc Bollinger - Hey, just because
  • Steve " 'dillo"  Okay - Hacking on various small devices, OpenMoko Phone, Arduino, teensyUSB
  • Marc Bollinger - Hey, just because.
  • AdamSmith - regexio.com
  • Craig Latta - a VNC video wall for those who would like to show their screens 
  • Sam Pullara - evangelizing YQL and working on an app
  • Logan Henriquez - playing bug whack-a-mole on my social news site.
  • Ryan Park - stuff.
  • Allan Grant - writing uber-perfectionist css & trying to make all elements fit a vertical baseline grid



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh31.

Check them out here:



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


Is there any ride available from San Francisco? - ghayoun at gmail


Lightning Talks:

If you would like to tell your fellow hackers about something you think is cool, head over to http://superhappydevhouse.org/LightningTalks and obey Timothy.


Lightning Talk Schedule


Sponz0r of hax:

  1. Yes, the mixing of base-60 and base-10 time is mathematically indefensible.