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When: Saturday, January 31, 2009, 2pm–11pm

Where: Sun Executive Briefing Center, 15 Network Circle, Menlo Park, CA

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name and what you think you might work on to the list

  • Joel Franusic - The usual.
  • David Weekly -
  • Tom Harrison
  • Daniel Brusilovsky- Usual.. audio/video with Tom
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Brian Johnson
  • Hue Ahmed - IPv6 and Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification (Slides)
  • Mike Lundy - GeoDjango or VisionWorkbench.
  • Dave Dash - Django
  • Andrea Longo - I'll have my craft projects, bring yours!
  • Emmett Shear - jtv analytics
  • Krishna Sankar - Samosas, Erlang & Vertebra!
  • Jayson Vantuyl - Cloudliness, Vertebra, & Erlang
  • Liz Henry - Messing around with WordPress. maybe setting up Organic Groups for Drupal 6
  • Charles Merriam - Pong.   On my fader.
  • Philip Stehlik - Hacking on Snappr.net + some Groovy/Grails dev
  • Scott Thorpe - Working with the OpenCog Framework and finishing Getting Popular. Plus working on using Ruby with Clustering via MPI to EC2. Would love to chat with anyone who has experience with AWS.
  • Jonathan Koren - lucene, solr, tika
  • Nathan Schmidt - wikis, apis, hooks
  • Ben McGraw - artsy indie vidyagames (codeyside).
  • Sophia Foster-Dimino - artsy indie vidyagames (artsyside).
  • Russ Fan - RIDING THE SNAKE!!! Learning Python.
  • Bruce Gottlieb - Games, Shaders and GPGPU stuff
  • James Williams - Groovy/Grails, PulpCore, some Android, hopefully learn some Google App Engine. Would like to talk to founders looking for Java devs.
  • Brendan Nee - Ruby on Rails and wordpress plugin development
  • Timothy Fitz - Python heap profiling? Optimizing software 3d renderer? TIGdb?
  • Chris Barbara - XMPP w/ PubSub.
  • Brandy Dettmer - Created a forum
  • AdamSmith - introducing hacker culture to some santa cruz kids
  • Rob Brown - ajaxy stuff, ranked voting systems, browser canvases and color stuff, karma
  • Piotr Doładowania - New Age philosopher
  • Bill Lazar - rebuilding jhtc.org using ActiveJS
  • Kevin Gadd - Working on my PoP/Castlevania inspired platformer in XNA
  • Wesley Beary - Working on datamapper and couchdb, hopefully FINALLY learning some erlang
  • DrewPerttula - RGB leds, rdflib, tokyocabinet, temperature logging software, nodebox
  • Steve " 'dillo" Okay - Possibly more Arduino hacking, regex torturing and/or OpenMoko. Would like to talk to people using the FreeRunner as a phone/communications tool on a daily basis.
  • Colleen - Because hardware geeks are people too!
  • PeterFein - Learn HTML.  Seriously.
  • Brandt Cannici - Building an RSS aggregator.  Also bringing my friends ReaperCharlie and Ash for their first Dev House.
  • Ernest Delgado - Canvas
  • Newton Chan - Learning Canvas and Firefox 3.1 new stuff
  • Nat Welch - PHP, Python, Gears, FireEagle, Disco, Idea Management Software?
  • Amit Patel - Spaceship editor [Side note: I would've RSVPed earlier but the login requirement discouraged me.]
  • Laurence Gonsalves - the unusual.
  • Matthew Fong - if anyone's interested - writing a G1 app from scratch, if not, working on advancescreenings.com
  • Tom Melendez - Oh, I don't know.  Something interesting.  Maybe one of the folks on this list will rope me in to something.
  • Prasanth Ram - Working on my Wikipedia event mapping project
  • Arjun Anand - Working on Rails and a G1 app(maybe collaboration with Matthew Fong if interested :), but not restricted to only him).
  • Julien Silland - AppEngine/ChartServer polls app / Arduino hacking
  • Kartik Agaram - casual AI hacking. Either ruby-warrior or AM or push3. And a lightning talk on my new feed reader from the holidays.
  • Michelle Cadieux - looking for a blackberry developer. job hunting.
  • Mike Rooney - hacking on wxBanker, debian packaging with bzr, and encrypted directories UI for Ubuntu
  • Craig Latta - singing the guitar 
  • Johnny Deim - Will be working on OneStartup.com work and talking with good friends.
  • Dan Baril - e-book, internet marketing, tagging and tracking
  • Scott McCreary - working on more ports to Haiku for HaikuPorts
  • Vladimir Fleurima - Learning Ruby/RoR, Python.
  • Chris Klaiber - G1/Android hacking
  • James Skorupski - making a reactive-planner-based IRC bot
  • Garrett Mace - Hardware/firmware hacking: industrial power measurement, cheap GPS synchronized RTC, lots of ShiftBrites (same LEDs DrewPerttula is using), Arduino fun
  • Mark Nelson - something with prolog/lisp/videogames/htmlcanvas
  • Sam Odio - Python/django photo sharing site & looking for a cofounder: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=453303
  • Pete Frueh - Android/App Engine/Apps
  • Jeffrey Carl Faden - flaming cat juggling
  • Richard Kiss - Google App Engine/Django/jQuery/git (couldn't resist a git plug)i
  • Joe Mathes - Probably just brining my day job with me
  • indie - Ubiquity commands + something or the other
  • Devin Mullins - dunno, nothing planned, but this looks to be a real hootenany, so I gots to show up; maybe learn swig? (big plans, little fingers); looking for a willing animator to help on a shdh preso, perhaps...
  • Otavio Good - augmented reality, learning asp.net, making action-RPG in XNA, trying to convince people to help me save the world, and still trying to find people to help me with computational linguistics/machine translation.
  • Dave Briccetti - Converting some Java applications to Scala. Showing Scratch and Alice, for teaching programming to kids.
  • Lee Felsenstein -  I will be introducing Carol Ruth Silver, who is seeking

    help creating the Mulla Nasrudin Literacy Adventure Video Game for the OLPC

    XO, for Afghanistan.  Also can give hardware advice.

  • David Kelso - iPhone hacking

  • Stephan Branczyk - working on a simple Mobile Game and using the Google App Engine as one of its back end layers

  • Ben Newhouse - working on either pinyinify, shadowcalendar, or ministryofbits, or maybe on an iphone app

  • Mark Koch - Working on some Sun SPOT stuff and showing off the breakout board for the Sun SPOT as well as discussing RobiCon.org, my proposed compliance standard for connecting robot components together.

  • Jerry Cheung - meet some people, work on either kwiqi (GTD spending tracker) or beautifulmeat (a visual feast).

  • Andy Friesen - Coding a turn-based strategy game with XNA.

  • Glenn Faden - Everybody gets their own Solaris zone to play with.

  • Erich Newell - Security/Privacy of <your-area-of-interest-here>. Mebbe some inspiration on a new project.

  • Ho John Lee - hacking twitter, facebook, social media scans, also bringing 12yo daughter for a little field trip

  • Mike McCreavy - Here for lightning talks.


If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh30.

Check them out here:



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.



Holler if you need a ride (I'm coming from 3rd and Folsom in SF) -- alan [at] picturesurf [dot] org


I am driving down from the Mission (26th@Florida) in SF and have one seat free in the car.  Let me know if you are interested to carpool (Leaving SF at around 1.15pm and staying at least until 9pm) -> philip [at] baybrain [dot] com Yeah! Car is full!


How is the access? parking pretty close ? can someone describe the general geography?  I am most likely using wheelchair but crutches might be possible.  If wheelchair then it is helpful if things aren't too crammed together in a room or for there to be paths...  - Liz 

Parking's pretty close, and I think there's handicap parking. This is what it looks like. As for moving around inside, there will be plenty of room for a wheelchair.- Mike


Bring your stuff for the craft room. I'll have all kinds of textile stuff: looms, spinning wheels, maybe the sewing machine even.


How about playing some music together? Last time at Sun there was a room where dancing broke out... perhaps some live sound in there would be fun? I'll bring the music stuff I'm hacking on. -- Craig <www.netjam.org>


I've got a couple of carpool spots available coming down from the Mission (24th & Valencia) if anyone needs a ride. I plan on leaving around 1:30 or 2 and staying until at least 9. -- cklaiber at gmail


I can give a ride to one or two coming from Los Gatos. Can't guarantee a ride back though. nat at natwelch dot com


San Mateo / Foster City rides available, can fit three more + 24 ft^3 gear, or one more + 70 ft^3 gear. -- garrett (a) macetech * com


Lightning Talks:

Contact Joel Franusic if you wish to give a Lightning Talk


Sponz0r of hax: