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SuperHappyDevHouse 29


When: SUNDAY, December 14, 12pm-10pm

Where: Sandbox Suites, 123 10th Street, San Francisco

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name and what you think you might work on to the list

  • Joel Franusic -
  • David Weekly -
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Mike Lundy -
  • Shawnee -
  • Martin Bogomolni - Continuing w/ microcontrollers, SSD drive deals, Make Zine Articles, PlurkPix, and now working on the MotherShip for the badge system
  • Scott Thorpe - Playing around with Machine Translation and of course still working on my site Getting Popular
  • Nat Welch - Hanging out, possibly working on an idea management tool.
  • Andrew Shell
  • Waleed Abdulla - Collecting feedback and ideas for NetworkedBlogs
  • Nathan Saichek - Talking about RocketGarage in Sonnet form.
  • Stephan Branczyk - writing an algorythm to predict car accidents within the Bay Area. Using an algorythm from the Collective Intelligence book and a data source from chp. I'm lookin for more data sources from counties and cities.
  • Ray Valdes -- OpenGL, iPhone, Python, AppEngine, AWS, Chrome
  • Otavio Good - Computer vision, iPhone, maybe programming my action rpg, trying to find anyone who wants to talk about machine translation / computational linguistics.
  • Ben Curren - Maybe build something with CouchDb. Want to meet some other developer and designs. Maybe even find the next developer to join GoBootstrap.com.
  • Blake Borgeson - Try to finish a simple rails site I made a few months back and get it live. Maybe tool with git and/or django. Meet people and talk ideas.
  • Dave Dash - Work more on porting a symfony app to Django, hang out.
  • Tino Breddin - OpenGL, iPhone, Erlang, Mochiweb or finish a Rails or Django app
  • Adam Smith - welcome-2.0, compiling game code into logic programs with haskell
  • Dan Eisinger - finishing up work on public instance of code generation platform, maybe playing with AppEngine
  • Chris Boshuizen - Online project management and crowd sourcing application. Saving the world.
  • Will Marshall - Networking tool for leaders
  • Ernest Delgado
  • Michael McDonald - Noel, Animist Notes, or maybe a Facebook app for Worldisround...
  • Larry Sheradon - Generative landscapes or a Twitter visualization in Flash
  • [A. "Karriem" A. Khan=AK*2]- Lets work on the our submission to the NOKIA $35,000 Challenge http://www.callingallinnovators.com/home.asp Game Widget to RULe them ALL in Python, On Appengine & 2 other FREE Redundant Clouds.
  • Logan Henriquez - working on a social news site focused on professional and hobby related news.  Toolset includes ruby, rails, and a distributed event processing system of my own design. Looking for collaborators.
  • DrewPerttula



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh29.

Check them out here:



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


Human Search Engine:

These are the topics brought up at the Human Search Engine:


  • Sandbox Suites - Sandbox Suites is giving away 10 one-month memberships to Sandbox Suites, worth $400.
  • Dillo - Would like to know if someone has experience with polymers and plastic materials for a project he is working on.
  • Rotavio - Is working on translation software.  Would like to talk to someone about Computational Linguistics.
  • Dan Eisinger - Is working on SRC-GEN, a new rapid development framework for PHP. 
  • Waleed - Would like to know how to make two iFrames talk across domains (XSS). 
  •   Stephan Branczyk - Is writing an algorithm to predict car accidents within the Bay Area.  I'm currently munging data from the CHP. Thanks to Drew's suggestions, I'm also registered as a value-added reseller with Caltrains and I will be looking for ways to extract current car accident data from Twitter. But I would like to know if anyone knows where else I could more data sources from more places such as cities and counties (aside from just visiting them in person, which I will do as well). Thanks to Mark Rosetta, he may have saved me a couple of days of programming. I was trying to get the longitude and the latitude from the image I was getting from the CHP, and I was making diffs of the images to get those coordinates to see where the new accidents happened, but Mark noticed that the code used by the CHP dispatchers was just a reference to a grid on a paper map, so I may not need to extract that information from the images themselves.


Lightning Talks:

Contact Joel Franusic if you wish to give a Lightning Talk

Lightning talks will occur at 8pm.


Lightning Talk Schedule


Sponz0r of hax: