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SuperHappyDevHouse 27


When: October 4th 2008, 2pm-11pm

Where: Google San Francisco, 345 Spear St

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Tito Jankowski - DNA Hacker, DIYbio California
  • Eric Wan - Working on Ledova - a community of job reviews.
  • Joel Franusic -
  • Tom Harrison -
  • David Weekly -
  • Robert Auger -
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Daniel Brusilovsky - Teens in Tech - www.teensintech.com
  • Mike Lundy - Hacking on the Vision Workbench
  • BrianJohnson - Will be there only until 7:30 pm
  • SeanHead - finally back after a long absence
  • MeredithLPatterson - DIYbio Northern California: come for the microbes, stay for the yogurt!
  • Johnny Deim - Will be working on OneStartup| and social networking manually if the battery on my laptop dies!
  • Neil Drumm - Drupal
  • Scott Thorpe - Playing around with Google Social Graph and working on Getting Popular
  • JaredSohn- Creating a SearchMonkey custom data service to show "relevant" Myspace metadata in search results
  • Loki - Rails, XP, computing utilities
  • Krishna Sankar - Erlang,paxos, Chord and clouds ! (No samosas this time ;o()
    • I just wanted to say that I love your samosas, they make me happy when you bring them!
    • <ks> Sorry. I will definitely try for next SHDH </ks>
  • Ryan Lackey -- mobile social game (focusing on Android)
  • Colleen - Android application
  • Seth Kingsley -
  • Andy Smith - omg i work here
  • Windsor Schmidt
  • David Reid - Erlang, CouchDB, MochiWeb.
  • Adam Glickman -
  • Ernest Delgado - Probably something with Canvas
  • Harald Rudell - pop by trying to fix that Google plugin that duplicates contacts
  • Sanjeev Verma - looking for people who know google docs api and how to embed it in web applications
  • J.D. Zamfirescu -
  • Mark Willey - Learning more Haskell and Boost. OLPC XO or Android if like minds attend.
  • DavidBryson - Hacking on git, reading about digital cash, Anybody else interested in a Key-Signing party at SHDH ?
  • monki(WesleyBeary) - Working on my demo/presentation about CouchDB/multiple repositories with DataMapper/Merb for MerbCamp.
  • Charles Merriam - Collecting little Python tidbits and puzzles from people, Write your favorite teaser or cool snippet. May write a book.
  • Nolan Ehrstrom - Doing something or other with PHP
  • Otavio Good - Trying to program iphone. Objective C is awful. :( Working on computer vision stuff.
  • Nate Lawson - developing firmware for Commodore 64 USB floppy interface
  • Trevor Johns - I work for Google. (Specifically, I work on the Google APIs.) I'll be working on Zend Framework when I'm not chauffeuring people up and down the elevators.
  • Keith Woody - rails, webcomics, customizing a branch of enkiblog
  • Dan Morrill - working on an Android + Google AppEngine app for an upcoming conference
  • Devin Mullins - something haskelly, fo sho; leaving early for what's sure to be a kick-ass concert
  • Andrea Longo - more iPhone? Now with no F'N NDA!
  • Steve \" 'dillo\" Okay - Robots, maybe Android? Android interfacing with robots? Pondering a new blog...
  • Jon - iphone, ruby, etc
  • Erez
  • Bill Pollock - No Starch Press editor. Looking for a few good authors.
  • Kipling Inscore - One or more of: Sony Reader, OLPC/XO, Google Android
  • Emmett Shear - Working on turning some of our rails code into a plugin (image sprites ftw!)
  • Brian Klug - going to make something cool using the PBwiki API
  • Eric Florenzano - Probably working on django-things or Pinax or django-threadedcomments.
  • JamesHofmann -
  • Jeff Scudder - A note taking app for AppEngine, or maybe an HTTP library in Python, or maybe a C library for Google Data APIs.
  • Michael McDonald - hacking on Animist Notes and upcoming Animist services
  • Jesse Hattabaugh - Porting my lifestreaming app from AppJet to Django, possibly Google App Engine. (My first Django/Python app! Help needed.)
  • Jeff Trull - data structures for storing and searching rectilinear 2D shapes. STL+Boost. Be gentle, it's my first time.
  • Jeff Ferber - coding one of my side-projects, dorka dorka (humor site, about half-finished); showing folks plurchase (e-commerce engine. maybe someone wants to help?); poking around for part-time consulting gigs
  • Barce - coding a sideproject noobwatcher, which is like cerberus but will have a ruby cocoa front-end.
  • Robert - Finishing a site that extends Twitter
  • Jed Schmidt - polishing up typd.in (web-based Japanese IME), coding textpanda (web-based text macro engine)
  • Jay Baird - writing some high performance Erlang
  • Bob Whiteman - learning Android
  • Aaron Draczynski - working with Django... and maybe Android?
  • Adrian Chadd - Squid-2/Cacheboy IPv6 core support; some more modularisation work
  • DrewPerttula - yet another image tagging app, or a GUI for doing darcs checkins
  • Craig Latta - controlling Ableton Live with flying faders and other control surface stuff
  • Stephen Vogel - ruby, GIS
  • PJ Gupta - building a zero cost online payment system www.noca.com


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