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SuperHappyDevHouse 26

When: August 30th, 2008, 1pm-11pm

Where: 15312 Via Del Sur, Los Gatos, California : Google Map



RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Also check out this fancy new DevHouse blog!


If you have questions and want to talk to someone or you get lost on the way here, call Tom at 408-472-9614

Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Joel Franusic - Planning Lightning Talks, maybe Hadoop stuff?
  • Tom Harrison -
  • David Weekly -
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Adam Smith - turning twenty five
  • Mike Lundy -
  • Brian Johnson - hacking my iPhone and my ThinkPad T61
  • Scott Thorpe - Looking to get feedback on my new tool Getting Popular
  • Stephan Branczyk -
  • Devin Mullins - haskell bindings to berkeley db 4.6
  • Jared Sohn -
  • Chad Harrington -
  • Logan Henriquez - working on social blog aggregator project
  • Curtis Chambers -
  • Arun Wright -
  • Steve \" 'dillo\" Okay - Back from wireless networking adventures in Malawi, bringing the 'bot, and a Make Controller board to hack on, but willing to be distracted by Android.
  • Mark Willey - OLPC XO and Android funs, maybe some playing with haskell
  • Charles Merriam - A lightning talk, probably on Google App Engine. An open source^2 directory.
  • Kelsi Perttula- looks like fun, and I'm guessing my husband is going
  • DrewPerttula- I did go, and then I put a review on http://revyu.com/. You could too and then we could do things with all the reviews.
  • Marshall Sontag - Even though it's my birthday, I'll try to make it. I'm the CEO/CTO of WineQ, the "Netflix" of wine, and am always looking to learn new things to add to the site.
  • DavidBryson - Giving a lightning talk on git, playing with xmonad, struggling with dejagnu, helping others with general linux hackery
  • Sujee Maniyam - will be my first SHDH. Looking forward to networking and learning (on Iphone app dev, location based APIs )
  • Alan DuBoff - interested in all things embedded.
  • Elliot Foster - Help others with Linux/perl, need help with wrangling autotools, interested in hadoop, seeing folks, working on my cpp
  • MeredithLPatterson - Biohacking hardware foo, if my supplies arrive in time.
  • Stig Hackvan - just got an EeePC 1000H and will be tinkering with Ubuntu & backtrack and also looking into Android.
  • ErnestoStubbes - Working on the SHDH registration to print name tags and announce arrivals
  • Otavio Good - Trying to save the world. Also maybe programming some computer vision in C#, the best programming language evar.
  • Zac Hanna - Just showing up and catching up with folks. Inviting people to Yahoo! hack day on september 12-13. Would like to buy a 1st gen Iphone
  • Christopher Roach - Learning Cocoa and working on a Cocoa framework for multi-agent simulations.
  • Trevor Johns - This is my first SHDH, so I'm just showing up and seeing where things go from there.
  • L. Koonts
  • Lee Felsenstein - helping Sam Wood organize a POC of Fluid Networking - looking for people who know the networking innards of the XO
  • Sam Wood - will give a lightning talk on Fluid Networking - non-IP mesh networking
  • Samuel Wood - hacks for Yahoo
  • Windsor Schmidt - My first SHDH. Working on homework while soaking up the superhappiness. Reading up on Drupal for a project. Will also bring the 'Magic Ball'.
  • waffelboy - working on dysco.dj and hacking javascript and iPhones
  • marcopolo - keeping waffelboy out of trouble, keepin it real
  • Stephen Vogel - First SHDH. Interested in GIS.
  • ming yeow - discovery is new crack + discoverio (3rd bloody attempt at creating a kick ass people discovery network!)
  • SanfordBarr - social discovery/events
  • Adam Glickman - InfoMongering, socializing, maybe geting linux variant on a vista sp1 destroyed HP Laptop.



More SHDH Info

Join us on IRC: #shdh on freenode. http://hystry.com/chat

Photos: If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with SHDH http://flickr.com/photos/tags/shdh

Or link us to your gallery on this page Photos


Did you take some videos? Embed them at the top of this page! Videos


Requests:Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


I'm coming from Burlingame, and can take up to 3 more down to DevHouse. Hit me up on Facebook if you need a ride - I'll probably be leaving around noon. Casey Greene


-Zac Hanna -Will be returning to the East bay and passing all points north on the way, in a small car. Room for 2 facebook


Anyone got room for two people, their laptops and a small CRT coming from SF? --MeredithLPatterson Problem solved, thanks Rohit!


Driving from Redwood City, can technically fit 3 more. L@koonts.com


Plz to be bringing:

Does anyone have a high-voltage (~12kV) multimeter?

********Lightning Talks:Contact Joel Franusic (first name at last name dot com) if you wish to give a Lightning Talk******



Pool and hottub will be heated

  • so bring a towel and suit if you want to swim.






we can has dev house 26?


yeah, I need people to help me test my pet project Agglodex **