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SuperHappyDevHouse 24



When: (Saturday, March 29, 1pm-11pm)

Where: (Cupertino DevHouse, 21677 Rainbow Drive, Cupertino CA, 95014)

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Sponz0r of hax:


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Joel Franusic -
  • Yee Man Chan - anyone interested in GARCH type option pricing?
  • Tom Harrison -
  • David Weekly -
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Mike Lundy
  • Amit Patel - Interested in algorithmic Cartoon Face generation
  • Eric Tiedemann - playing with OSCulator and e7
  • Jonathan Koren
  • Michael McDonald - adding a blogging service to Animist, and looking for contract work
  • mingyeow 
  • Eugene Otto - Learning me some Quartz Composer
  • Sanford Barr
  • Steve \" 'dillo \" Okay
  • Dru Nelson
  • Dave Dash - reviewsby.us cleaning up the restaurant view pages
  • Stephan Branczyk - [skype:stephanfromoffice?chatMy status] [skype:stephanfromoffice?chat(IM-me through Skype)]
  • David Barrett - Adding recurring reminders to my 3mindme email reminder service
  • Joe Stump - Working on Services_Twitter for PEAR and a little Twitter application. Need a designer! I'm in the room to the right of the front door in a Digg hoodie.
  • William Lawrence - Working on marking up a transit time table with Microformats
  • Meng Weng Wong - Building travel time isochrone maps for Caltrain, etc, using GTDF, for mashup onto Google Maps
  • Nat Welch - working on a little web app to store ideas and such.
  • Elie Parra (elzr.com) Working on Wikipedia history highlighting!
  • DavidBryson - writing an rss feed generator for git
  • Brian Schulman - writing the VERY basic framework for an online tactical rpg in js/ajax or whatever turns out to be the best approach
  • Drew Stephens is new here
  • Curtis Chambers - working on Django webapp
  • mike dale - working on metavid wiki
  • John Rose - working on JVM futures (will drop in about 6:00)
  • PaulOppenheim - Thought I'd stop in. Probably gonna try and finally learn more python, and I have a time tracker i've been meaning to get written...
  • Allison Miller - researching a link analysis problem
  • MIng Yeow  - Discovery is the new cocaine: PLUS discoverio (our 3rd bloody attempt at creating a kickass a people discovery app)



More SHDH Info

Join us on IRC: #shdh on freenode. http://hystry.com/chat

Join us on GTalk/Jabber: add shdh@chatterous.com as a friend, and send '@join shdh' to join (if you're having problems with google apps for your domain accounts, see http://www.chatterous.com/faq/im/

Join us on E-Mail: send '@join shdh' in the body of an e-mail to shdh@chatterous.com

Join us via text message: send 'CHTR join shdh shdh' to 41411

Join us on the web or rss feed: visit http://www.chatterous.com/landing/shdh, passcode: shdh



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with SHDH



Or link us to your gallery on this page Photos

Did you take some videos? Embed them at the top of this page! Videos





Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


Could someone provide transport/lodging suggestions/directions for a carless soul coming from the south? I'd be interested in carpooling if anyone's going by the Santa Barbara area.


Could anyone pick up an individual at the Santa Clara or San Jose Amtrak?

Anyone coming from that direction?



chezbut@gmail.com / gtalk


Lightning Talks:

Contact Joel Franusic if you wish to give a Lightning Talk


SuperHappyDevHouse24 LightningTalks




Postmortem Notes


nicely full, good space for a devhouse

populated but not crowded

without the upstairs, number of people were perfect

power and chairs were perfect

lightning talks

- cold, windy, but tent was great

network was awesome (QoS) modulo a few people

- tom: qos could use a little tuning

food: could have used just a little more, quality was decent



joel - not much greeting done, good conversations

- tim fitz will help greet at next devhouse

"a really cool mix of people"

First congressional candidate! neat!


kitt's list for next time should include:

 - mexican coke, diet coke

 - tape and ice


 - more toilet paper!

 - more luncheon sized plates

 - more beer - maybe a keg?


Need Official DevHouse Signage (Joel will make a PDF)


Nobody liked the lights out "Earth hour".

Could do Rockband upstairs next time - people like rockband, but is loud

background ambient music would have been nice

having the piano played was very nice

Miesha - people were a little less messy than usual

(add miesha to devhouse planner list - DONE)




May want kegs next time? 2xpony?

Joel - "prep" page for lightning presenters?

Good presentations are: "i need help with X"

Let's publicise the schedule (timing for dinner, presentations, etc) in advance, if possible.


We should send Tom's Mom to a day spa, but not during the event. ;)


Miesha - the gas stovetop knobs should be taped off for safety.







successively open rooms as we add people

Meeting with Julie of Sun, monday the 7th w/Sun at Rainbow, 7:30pm

Get Guy Steele to come out to DevHouse?

Other old-school hackers we'd like out here: Ian Murdock (Debian), Ken Thompson (@ Google), Larry Wall, Vint Cerf, Donald Knuth, Doug Englebart (he's already come to one!), Guido

We should include Felsenstein in the planning


Joel will make flyers people can post at their work


lol @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:SuperHappyDevHouse


Sun will take care of food catering for the event

"loud room" and "quiet room"


cluster computing - hadoop on 100 nodes?


news.ycombinator - send the word out

Slashdot? Reddit? Digg? Press Release?


sanford barr will be doing our marketing