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When: Saturday January 5th, 2pm - midnight

Where: 15312 Via Del Sur, Los Gatos CA 95030 (map)

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming

- Thanks, Chris Messina!


Contact: (408)472-9614 (Tom)

If you have any last minute directions or have questions feel free to call Tom, host of SHDH22

If you have a grand central invite, DevHouse would greatly appreciate it.


Sponz0r of hax:


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Joel Franusic -
  • Tom Harrison - Greeting People as they arrive, Keeping the internets up and running.
  • David Weekly -
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Eugene Otto - Flex and the usual Rails hackery.
  • Amit Gupta - Design for Photojojo. Won't be back from NYC in time.
  • Abhay Kumar - No clue what exactly. cancelled due to weather
  • Nick Peters - Rails/Java Projects. Maybe look at Android.
  • Andrew Stevens - A rails app for teaching social skills, might lightning talk about patents
  • AmitPatel - need to beat up Amit Gupta for becoming the #1 "amit" on Google possible projects: get iTunes to release its lock on my podcasts so that I can transfer them to my car; a Flash game, a Wiki-based game, or who knows what else. Almost stayed home due to weather.
  • EricTiedemann - extra muscle for Amit
  • JasonWehmhoener - Staying home due to inclement weather. Thinking about Javascript (and the ins and outs of writing Javascript libraries) and developing an outline for a book about DOM scripting. Also pondering OAuth, DiSo and OpenSocial type stuffs.
  • Laurence Gonsalves - unspecified activity
  • Steve \" 'dillo\" Okay - Some robotics-related geeking, working on more Python code for CMUCam-wrangling. Would love to meet up with other 'bot-folk. Pondering/sketching out an idea for an FBML app I'm tentatively calling "Terminal 5". Continuing to be amused at how most people's edits include trying to fix up my name on here.
  • Sophia Chiang - first SHDH, a bit excited, a bit intimidated, but ready to learn.
  • Michelle Barker - Cernio meetup, see whats happening in the who
  • Simran Gleason - some work on the interactive world builder for Kepler's Orrery. On the other hand, I may have started another generative music project: sound particles moving on elliptical paths in a spherical sound environment, subtly affecting each other when they approach closely. With luck, this'll get some interesting audible strange attractors going.
  • Kristian Erik Hermansen -
  • StephenLau - hacking on Songbird and OpenSolaris stuff, Cernio meetup
  • Russ Fan - Messing with some Ruby and RMagick goodness
  • Jon Parise - probably working on Python in PHP
  • ErnestoStubbes - Coding in the smallest of scales. One that doesn't exist.
  • Les Orchard - writing about JS frameworks, playing with feeds, finally poke at oauth
  • Mike Lundy - Wiimote/Linux linkage; Turning my NXT into a Portal turret; Bringing my OLPC-XO
  • Mark Cohen - Possibly playing around with some Processing / Arduino stuff, or I'll just bring the laptop and hack a bit.
  • Graham Freeman - Cernio meetup
  • Elliot Foster - Writing a quickie app for doing flip cards/quizzes for educational purposes using catalyst. Cernio meetup.
  • Mark Smith - first SHDH, Cernio meetup, no particular plans.
  • Charles Merriam - Writing Python code for the XO (One Laptop Per Child) or otherwise playing with it.
  • Lori Guidos - Everyone is invited to the Kickoff for DisabledCommunity.Org scheduled for Friday 1/04/08 from 2-4 in SF for info see craigslist or yelp. I am still looking for a volunteer to help out with an online database for the website. If you are willing come to the event and/or contact me at admin@disabledcommunity.org
  • Nate Lawson - debug logging facility for FreeBSD acpi driver
  • -Martin Bogomolni -- Flight from Florida cancelled due to weather. Better luck next time... *groan*
  • Waleed Abdulla - Get feedback for my next project OnSingularity.com which the latest of my Zooov.com communities.
  • Joseph Poon - Playing around with some social signal/noise ideas and some stuff with Amazon AWS.
  • Charlie Groves - Working on the new Jython compiler or some hadoop + EC2 madness
  • GabeWachob - OLPC XO-1 - showing it off, collecting/finding/answering dev questions, hardware arch, bitfrost, sugar, etc. - and python too of course. Oh yeah, and OAuth, OpenID, etc...
  • -DonnaSnow - working on Plone 3.0 templates (learn ZopeSkel once and for all) -Can't make it..combination of icky weather and our office was without electricity for 24 hours.. much catching up to do. Next time!!
  • Nik Bonaddio - listening to italian disco, representing CMU, sleeping
  • Nat Welch - working on a site for ideas
  • Michael McDonald - Fear my shiny head! Working on Animist Notes.
  • Patrick Lynch - Cernio Meetup
  • Faruk Ateş -- Staying home due to inclement weather. Working on a project with some other attendees; tentative attendance (providing they can make it, I'll be there)
  • Jina Bolton -- Staying home due to inclement weather. checking this out, also have a gazillion sites I'm working on... ;)
  • Chris Messina -- focusing on DiSo and OAuth
  • Bruce Gottlieb - 3d graphics programming and continue messing with some Erlang
  • Adam Wiggins - working on Heroku; messing with Git, CouchDB, and/or Haskell
  • Craig Latta - livecoding, and hacking the Make controller board from Squeak. I'm also looking for a housemate!
  • Mark Willey - XO programming -- anyone interested in collaborating on a simple XO activity development? I'm thinking XO Flashlight. Maybe some Haskell.
  • Laurel Willey - XO fun. Turtle. Memorize. Paint. QAing XO Flashlight
  • Kristen Berman - learning. some Ideation, taking it all in.
  • Newton C - Exploring apps on OpenSocial. Planning the SVWB OpenSocial Hackathon. Keeping dry and safe!
  • Zac Hanna - working with VMware, Zenoss, Mon, Monit, Xen, MS Virtual Server, PHPKB, Zope, BBS's, Fink, Kismac, Zabbix, Plone..whatever I get around to basically. Driving from Oakland, if anyone from the East bay needs to get there.
  • Matt T - Working on scientific applications of python, plotting and analyzing extremely large data sets, wxPython, unit test coverage, etc
  • Ernest Delgado - Working on a js drag and drop library for canvas.
  • DrewPerttula - head trackers for window managers staying home fixing wifi that broke due to power outage
  • Stephanie Trimble - (won't be able to be there after all) organizing Geek Dinners, working on one of my sites, meeting new people, chatting with people I already know, having fun and causing trouble.
  • Seth Calander - First SHDH! I will leave my shoes by the front door.
  • SanfordBarr - Fanboy of David, Jeff and Tom
  • DavidBryson - Playing with perl gtk2, reading rfcs, and generaly hackery.
  • Brian Klug
  • Kate Compton - first SHDH, will be noodling about with various Java toys
  • Moshe Zadka -- trying to see if you can write a better calculator application
  • Jonathan Koren
  • C. Gable Watts - learning: Spring for Java, Hibernate for Java, and Wicket for Java
  • Rex Pechler - Hanging out.
  • Add to address book Tantek Çelik - microformats, , , , , WikihCards (San Francisco, CA)
  • Juliette Melton working on capture and reporting mechanisms for personal metrics (health, etc)
  • ...


Join us on IRC: #shdh on freenode. http://hystry.com/chat


DevHouse means No Shoes. Be preparied to leave your shoes by the front door. It makes a huge difference when it comes time to clean up!


As of Wednesday Night, weather forecasts say Rain and Thunderstorms for DevHouse. Bring an Umbrella!

-As of Friday afternoon, still looks like thunderstorms but I think our worst weather is now past us.

--The venue lost power for several hours on Friday, but the generator was able to keep the internet up and running. If the weather is indeed bad, be sure to keep those batteries charged!-


Update: Saturday @ 1:30pm: Its raining hard but we have power and internet! See everyone when you get here! -Tom



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with SHDH



Or link us to your gallery on this page Photos

Did you take some videos? Embed them at the top of this page! Videos



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.

I'd be happy to drive (and share a Flexcar) -- Abhay cancelled due to weather

-I'll be driving from Menlo Park, would be happy to give some people a ride (can take 3 people).- (now down at SHDH) -- Elliot

I need a ride from Mountain View near 101 - ~newton

    • -(response: I sent you an email- now down at SHDH -- Elliot)

I will be leaving from Sunnyvale around 8:30 pm if any latecomers need a ride along the way or a pickup from the light rail (or supplies run!) - Casey Greene


Public Transit: There is a lightrail station less than ~3 miles away from this location. Lightrail will connect to Caltrain. If you cant arrange for pickup from the lightrail there is a free bus that will drop you off 0.4 miles from the location (at eaton and winchester)


Lightning Talks:

Contact Joel Franusic if you wish to give a Lightning Talk. There may be lightning outside during the lightning talks.


Build and Launch Facebook Apps over a weekend ( http://weekendapps.com/ )