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When: Saturday November 10, 2007 2pm - midnight

Where: SF Warehouse - 1300 Potrero Ave @ 25th St, San Francisco (googlemap)

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming



5pm: 105

7pm: 125


Sponz0r of hax:


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Joel Franusic - Welcoming people to DevHouse. Maybe working on Sun Ray stuff?
  • Tom Harrison - Greeting People
  • Brandt Cannici - Trying to change the way music, movies, texts, and games are made from a restrict and sell model to a fund and release model. Interested in feedback on our transaction system and ways to improve the site. www.strayform.com
  • JaredSohn - Don't know yet. Maybe exploring how pbwiki's RSS feed seems to update a person on more pages than the e-mails do, although realistically this will happen at SHDH 20 or before. :)
  • Mark McBride - I'll be tinkering with OmniNerd, which I recently converted to Rails from PHP. Front page development and caching are my current focus.
  • William Lawrence - Working on accessibility solutions in current web development work.
  • Konstantin Koll - Getting comments on my HTTPD with "fancy fancy indexing", then working to integrate external drives to a media center app
  • James Byers - ship a new release of the PHP Sparkline library, get the API service running.
  • EugeneOtto - Rails and JS hackery.
  • CassioPaesLeme - Rails front-end for TagThePlanet.
  • L Koonts
  • Timothy Fitz - Being awesome. Discussing Continuous Deployment and Customer Development.
  • David Evan Harris - The Global Lives Project, a virtual library of human life experience & video installation.
  • Abhay Kumar - Tracking "conversations" across blogs (as per discussion last SHDH). Playing Go (super beginner alert).
  • Andrea Longo - mere blocks away, how can I miss this? Probably working on OS X Dashboard widgets.
  • Krishna Sankar - Will bring samasoas ;o) WIll be working on semantic search overlay for education (San Jose Edu Foundation)
  • Brendon Wilson - Will be working on finishing up my reworked Flash barcode recognition component
  • Jesse Zbikowski - Web audio with SoundManager 2. Animation with libgd-perl and MJPEG Tools. Finish my dumb JS card game.
  • - Seeking feedback for my new startup http://www.Zooov.com/
  • Fred Gibson - Seeking feedback on our startup about to launch in private beta: http://streamfocus.com
  • JP Phonsakkhwa - Learning Zend Framework and CodeIgniter Framework, which is better ? http://www.idealpad.com
  • Scott Raymond - the wife and I *were* going to come, but we just got back from BlogWorld Expo and we're beat. Maybe next month?
  • Kartik Agaram - More UI exploration for managing decentralized conversation and notification - irc, blogs, social news sites, etc. <-Interested in talking about this - Brandt Cannici
  • Jay Baird - new to the Bay Area; meeting people, working on Django, maybe some pyobjc.
  • Ming Yeow - few blocks away too! Starting a new company on people discovery called Discoverio. Want to be a developer, but my engineers wun let me anywhere near their code. :(
  • Jesse Hattabaugh - Finally in my 'hood. I'm gonna be where ever the OpenSocial development is happening. Would also be happy to pitch in with anything involving CakePHP, iPhone, Dashboard widgets, AtomPub, or newsfeeds
  • John Manoogian III - will be hacking on new zivity.com designs and code
  • Jeffrey Wescott - will be hacking on the zivity.com web site.
  • Sean Tierney - JumpBox goodness and getting podcast fodder from you all
  • Peter Hessler - I've been poking and prodding at openbsd sound card drivers, and I might as well show up.
  • Stephan Branczyk - krazor, wikis, rails, haskell, and whatever seems interesting...
  • Dan Greening - Groovy, Java, JEE, C++, database guy seeing if he can contribute to stuff others are doing. Use me.
  • Mike Lundy - Continuing work on my pumpkin-ish dude, and maybe a super tv-b-gone if the kit comes in time.
  • Ben Newhouse - hacking together libpurple, php and dbus or maybe just working on whenareyoufree.net and notale.com
  • Geovanni - Hoping to share and exchange info about Google's OpenSocial, FaceBook platform, iPhone dev, WordPress, Widgetbox, Ubuntu. (www.glam.com)
  • Michael McDonald - Matrix (Rails-like migrations fed into Hibernate) and/or Facebook Application-Fu
  • LesOrchard - Maybe work on FeedMagick2, possibly poke at OpenID or Oauth or OpenSocial or some other social networky stuffs. Might poke at some CodeIgniter stuff as well.
  • Richard White - Working on UserSuggest a customer/user feedback app for website proprietors and giving out dirty looks
  • RobertFiccaglia- Rushing from the BarCamp in Fremont, so I'll work on some Facebook apps for that
  • MeredithLPatterson - Backend improvements to OBELisQ, doing super cool top secret stuff to Twitter once I get that working :D
  • Bruce Gottlieb- the second SHDH I'll be attending. I'll probably be working on my 3D mesh manipulation library or another one of my graphics/game dev related projects. Maybe finally start playing around with a bit of Erlang.
  • Amit Gupta -- just moved to SF from NYC, working on CommandShift3.com
  • Andrew Badr -- just moved to SF, want to meet people, start on my latest website idea, give&get python&django advice
  • LenSassaman Working on Clever Hacks(TM) related to the "super cool top secret stuff" Meredith mentioned above.
  • DavidBryson Will be playing around with some backup software I wrote. Hoping to play around with writing a quicksilver type clone for my Linux setup.
  • Nik Bonaddio - helping anyone who needs design help, working on a facebook app but probably not, generally representing Y!
  • Dan Lester - OpenSocket: a cross between Facebook apps and OpenSocial gadgets.
  • Mark Willey - Developing activities for the OLPC XO. Maybe some Haskell learning and perhaps even some progress on The Markov Machine?
  • Margaret Lum - Creating a Facebook app based on a rudimentary Palm app I created from Garnet's Palm SDK (theme is Fashion)
  • Sanford Barr - solving facebook/mailing list/eventbrite list synchronization for STIRR.
  • Audrey Roy - social networking for oranges? or a real estate/property mgmt app.
  • Scott Thorpe - contractor, interested in developing widgets and creating social networking apps.
  • Andy Smith - hackin on da oauth, drinkin yer beer
  • Jon Crosby - OAuth and KloudKit hacking.
  • Joe Stump - Working on correlate.us's new features, design, etc. Working on Services_Pownce and Services_Magnolia for PEAR.
  • Emmett Shear - Change of plans - building Secret Project (open source the web!)
  • Jason Dusek - configuring cluster mockup with Xen
  • Tim Burks - building and hacking with Nu, a lispish language that I wrote on Objective-C.
  • Steven R. Loomis - I'm going to work on Objective-C wrappers and demos for icu

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Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


  • Is anyone driving from San Jose / Sunnyvale up to SF? Carpooling?
  • My Laptop has no WiFi, but since I'd like people to test our HTTP server running on my laptop, some kind of managed ethernet switch (for hasslefree DHCP) with some patch cables would be greatly appreciated. It does not need to have internet access, though! If this costs you more than 5 minutes of time, don't bother - I'll bring a crosslink cable no matter what.
  • "Will bring an ethernet hub and cords. Does this help?" - "Yes, thank you very much !" (Konstantin)
  • VGA cable for lightning talks


Lightning Talks:

  • Interested in Osogato, the music-recommendation company that launched tonight? Bookmark our site, and don't forget to join our mailing list to learn more about what we're rolling out!