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When: Saturday October 13, 2007 2pm - 2am

Where: 21677 Rainbow Drive, Cupertino, 95014

Chat backchannel: http://hystry.com/chat

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming


Lightning Talks



  • facebook was way more popular for managing our last event... ive added back the upcoming link due to popular demand for those who dont want to use facebook.
  • Please use only Facebook or Upcoming so we can have a more accurate number of anticipated attendees.


Additional Event Info


Sponz0r of hax:


OAuth Meetup

For folks interested in learning more about OAuth, we'll be having an implementors' meetup around 8pm.


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Brandt Cannici - Strayform - Interesting in finding people with intersting software or media projects looking for funding such as this.
  • CassioPaesLeme - Business plan for social network based on tagging and selling physical objects to create an increasingly intelligent algorithm.
  • LesOrchard - Maybe work on FeedMagick2, possibly poke at OpenID or Oauth or some social networky stuffs.
  • MikeLundy - Play with Glasses, my video filter testbed. Maybe some actual AVR stuff (finally).
  • Joel Franusic - Welcoming people to DevHouse. Maybe working on Sun Ray stuff?
  • Dillo - Probably coding up some web stuff for interacting with my 'bot. Hope to have the CMUCam integrated at that point.
  • ErnestoStubbes - Hopefully Joel still has my server and I can work on Sun Ray stuff on it too!
  • Eric Tiedemann - even more samosas! e7
  • EugeneOtto - Probably some Rails and Javascript hacking
  • Ken Ferry - Concurrent collections for Cocoa. Maybe OpenGL or writing an instrument tuner later. Find me on Bonjour or in IRC.
  • Craig Latta - Croquet hacking (OpenGL via Squeak Smalltalk)
  • Andrew Hoppin - Facebook + Drupal integration for new NASACoLab.org community site
  • MikeMcDonald - 'Matrix' project: agile database development for Java: merging easy-as-Rails migrations and database refactorings with Hibernate
  • Jeff Hunter - Rails, Cocoa, maybe learning Amazon Web Services
  • Tantek - Anything and everything to do with social network portability. Do you work on a site that has user profiles? Find me and lets add your site to the open social web. See this recent presentation on social network portability for tips on how to get started.
  • AdrianPerez - Working on a RoR app and maybe doing a lightning talk on Meditation for Hackers: Creating Interesting Neurological Effects.
  • Ethan Herdrick - Probably hacking some web app with the PLT Scheme Web Server for it's use of continuations... seeking the elusive direct style.
  • Andrew Yates
  • Paul Charlton
  • John Wiseman - Arduino-controlled pan/tilt servo camera mount, or robot blimp hacking, or e7, or acoustic tracking.
  • Seth Kingsley
  • Gabe Wachob OAuth, OpenID, digital identity stuff, social network portability, social networking + grassroots politics, mashup meta-issues,python parallelism,facebook hacking
  • Shanti Braford - Facebook hacking on Rails, or similar tomfoolery.
  • DrewPerttula - making jellyfish-- if you want to play along, please bring your heat guns, glue guns, and plastic bottles (2-liter is best). Or I might work on interactively recoloring images in a browser using SVG.
  • Ian Nieves - I will make waffles and give them to people :) I have returned from Asia, and in an effort to restart my life I will be thinking. Just thinking. I may do some web surfing, but then I will go back to waffle making. If you have any favorite ingredients, please bring them.
  • Abhay Kumar - Not sure yet. Perhaps some Rails-core hacking as I have been the past few days. Other options: git.rake, improve on readability stats parser. Listen to Adrian's talk.
  • Chris Messina - OAuth meetup at 8pm.
  • Scott Thorpe - rfacebook, facebook app. Willing to talk to anyone about the Social Graph.
  • Gabe da Silveira - will be working with rfacebook and possibly submitting some patches back to make it work better with Rails 2.0.
  • Denis Mars - virgin hacker, slowly jumping in bed with javascript, php so I can finally get laid and build the web app ive been wantin.
  • Dan Ancona - 1st time! Chris M invited me. I'm working on a demo of a django/iUI whuffie based social politics app (DemDashDemo)
  • Jen Ancona - 1st time too!
  • Salim Ismail - 1st timer also (after recently meeting the NASA folks) - can't say long but wanted to stop by
  • Mark Willey - Haskell and The Markov Machine
  • Julie Willey - something. first time. eating waffles. learning ECMAScript and AJAX.
  • Andrei Zmievski - hacking in some new PHP language features.
  • Danny Colligan - TBD
  • Jon Crosby - Actionatr and Actiontastic work, including an Objective-C OAuthConsumer implementation.
  • Kartik Agaram - hacking on a greasemonkey plugin to highlight new comments on forums like reddit.
  • Lori Guidos - ED with disabledcommunity.org - learning to use Drupal get the word out my uncle's medical device which may kill cancer cells without harming other cells and without negative side effects. Let me know if you would like to help. What I have been learning at SuperHappyDevHouse Events
  • Vampexorcized@yahoo.com - Seeking advice for exterior handheld medical device. Start-up. Idea stage.
  • Waleed Abdulla - Seeking feedback for my new startup http://www.ZoooV.com/
  • Dominik Grolimund - Co-founder of a start-up from Switzerland. Please let me know what you think: http://wua.la
  • Joseph Poon
  • Paul Ivanov - gave a lightning talk about Distributed Thinking / Human Computation titled Napoleon@Home
  • Brian Klug & Francisco Brito - made http://verylongurl.com, a site inspired by TinyURL
  • William Lawrence - OAuth, bookmarking, & accessibility of the two


Lori Guidos


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