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Saturday, August 11th, 2pm-1am

15312 Via Del Sur, Los Gatos, CA





Additional Event Info

  • Located in the South Bay in our Spacious Los Gatos Venue. ~3x the space as our hillsborough venue for your hacking pleasure, now with even more tables and chairs!
  • Bring your own meat to BBQ for dinner if you wish and/or enjoy our dinner, snacks and drinks courtesy of MDV
  • very limited/no wired Ethernet access, be sure to bring a usb/pcmcia wifi card if you dont have internal wireless.
  • Announcement Email
  • Map to LGDevHouse
  • Anybody want to make a clip for the Gmail: A Behind the Scenes Video?


Sponz0r of hax:


Who's going to be here and why?

Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on,


  • Jessica Mah - Looking to swim, party, and hangout with awesome entrepreneurs!
  • Enlai Chu - Anyone want to learn how to send SMS from web apps? I'll provide the SMS expertise using 3jam's API . Need help from DHTML / AJAX guy to create something like Yelp's "Send to Phone" popup. Will pay! :)
  • Tom Harrison - I live here, haxing Sun Ray with Joël Franusic
  • Dusty Dettmer - I want to crack Ipod Games. Any executable format experts going to be there?
  • David Weekly -
  • Bess Ho - Run monthly web group for web professionals. Hacking ROR and interested in Flex. Don't mind to help if someone run into problems with CSS.
  • Jeff Lindsay -
  • Joël Franusic - Greeting people. Haxing Sun Ray with Tom.
  • Mike Lundy - Does anyone have an ee-lab-style power supply they could bring?
  • Timothy Fitz -
  • Brian Krausz - Because the last one was so awesome
  • Sean O'Steen - I dunno what I'm doing yet
  • Martin Bogomolni - Because a virus made me miss the last SDSH and I still want to do the PIC/AVR/Parallax lightning talk - bringing smoked ribs, and samosas for Amit
  • MengWengWong - OpenID, S3, Karmasphere. was planning to run whofuckedwhom.com BoF and 3 hour hackathon, but arrived at midnight instead of 2pm due to last-minute investor presentation and flight delays, etc.  sorry everyone, sigh sigh, cry cry, will do better next time.
  • AmitPatel - Flash hacking, e7 hacking, and/or MAKE controller kit hacking (I should find Jacob Cooper to get some tips). I missed out on samosas last time so this time I will eat them all, unless more than one person brings them, in which case I will be reasonable and non-violent.
  • EricTiedemann - Amit hacking..extra samosas
  • JasonWehmhoener - Thinking about: BeamBots! Also: Flex, Bayeux, Helma, Chiba, Symfony, GIT. Bringing: food?
  • RobertFiccaglia - FlashLite, JavaME, fool around with Orbit or Laszlo, lots of phones for the kids to play with; oh and maybe Python on Nokia.
  • Krishna Sankar - Will bring samosas - like last time ! Moderately Massive Parallelism, Precision time synchronization, Native threads & parallelism on Ruby, Autonomous-Asymmetric-Mobile-Embedded-Composable Networks, Lego Robotics,... [8/11/07 - Won't make it this time. Too many daily trifles - the big boss has determined that, if I do not clean the garage by cob today, I will be sleeping in it ;o()]
  • Jessy Cowan-Sharp - probably some drupal and php/mysql web stuff. might bring some food + happy to help cook as well!
  • JaredSohn -
  • Stephan Branczyk - interested in learning more about Haskell, Python, and hacking my k-razor
  • DanielBohannon - Hacking the gibson while working on http://www.welistings.com/
  • Dru Nelson - UR Quan masters, RoR stuff
  • Larry Chiang - newbie http://superhappydevhouse.org/Larry%20Chiang%20at%20Duck9%20dot%20com GF is away and me and my dog will play @shdh
  • NickPeters -
  • Dean Q - CakePHP, Zend Framework, and stuff.
  • LizHenry - wiki/socialcalc stuff or maybe building weird social app with skud
  • skud - perl developer from australia, visiting, might move here
  • TimBonnemann
  • JonathanAbrams
  • SanfordBarr
  • Jacob Cooper - Ruby, plenty of virtualization + SAN hax. Maybe a BASIC stamp + LCD or MAKE kit. Scripts for eBay if I run out of work?
  • Marcus Kazmierczak - Zend Framework + Facebook App
  • JimSpring - A bit of virtualization, maybe some drupal, things appropriate to a knuckle dragging server guy
  • SigurdMagnusson - SilverStripe opensource CMS / PHP5 Framework and Google Summer of Code. And SuperHappyDevHouse Aoteroa Flying in from New Zealand breifly!
  • LoriGuidos - could use some recommendations for getting phpNuke or using PHP to link database info up to disabledcommunity.org located at onlinepolicy.org.
  • MikeMcDonald - ZenGTD, Noel, Ruby on Rails, consulting
  • Jordan Sissel - recovering from defcon 15.
  • Jason Whaley - new in area on a summer internship... working on Netflix Prize and technology essays.
  • Nat Welch - I live nearby, sounds cool, plan on working on some web site or another, not sure yet.
  • David Reid - because I hate twitter friend spammers.
  • Sarah Meyers- will bring my swim gear for the pool. I need a ride too, sarah@sarahmeyers.net k thnx
  • MikeD - OMGWTFBBQ!
  • MeredithLPatterson - home from DEFCON, here to hack some more on our award-winning modded badge!
  • Simran Gleason - working on generative music and choreography code for the Orb Swarm
  • Syed N Newbie, will join brainstorming, beta testing, helping in things related to database queries and What not.
  • Ajay R - Flex, Facebook App, Semantic Web, and other fun stuff. looking forward to getting my geek on.
  • PaulC - hacking the mind, perceptive frameworks, brainstorm
  • Andrew Yates - Can trade for help with RoR and Adobe CS for your project for help with Python and Macintosh Cram-a-thon: was using RoR and Windows/Ubuntu before ---am now randomly converting for fun and for profit. Will need new emacs plugins... but open to new editor?
  • BenLoomis -
  • Elliot Lynde
  • Charles Merriam - Happy to provide Python help to people, help with Python projects, give a presentation. Will bring much foodage.
  • Michael Rosenblatt - Going to work on our project, Open Project Database. Need to do much testing / QA. Excited to attend for the first time.
  • Kragen Sitaker - hoping I can help people with Python or C or whatever, and want to show off WowBarBTS and prototype Bicicleta, and get feedback
  • Conrad Rushing - hacking IgniteRealtime's AS3 XMPP libraries, generally putting together bridges between Flash, AJAX, and JSP with perl.
  • Daniel Zapata - Mobile development, j2me, wap, bringing iphone + razr v3xx
  • Albert Mao - An online, multiplayer version of the card game SET.
  • Danny Colligan - (if I can get there...)
  • BruceJBell - working on a homogeneous geometry library in C++
  • Erik Ostrom - Rails-based Web 2.0 AJAX application for RESTfully RSVPing at the last possible moment
  • Rosanne Bersten -- sorta ex-tech journalist (shh, don't tell anyone) and political gal wanting to hook up with folks to create world changing web site
  • L. Koonts
  • ErnestoStubbes - Maybe hacking on the Sun Ray with Joël and Tom?
  • Mark Willey - Haskell and The Markov Machine, and random
  • Asheesh Laroia - I like Python and Lisp and other nice things - I'm hoping other Python hacks will be interested in helping me build a test suite for OfflineImap and test the bejesus out of it. I will probably bring an OpenMoko for others to play with.
  • Audrey Roy - web stuff & maybe Adobe Illustrator scripting. I'm bringing homemade fudge.
  • Dillo - hacking some robot code and other C stuff and socializing. Pingable for help on wireless networking and other random stuff. Willing to present and/or pontificate at the drop of a hat on any number of subjects.
  • Gabe Wachob - Facebook stuff for peer to peer grassroots political organizing, digital identity/openid, etc
  • Evan Miller - been meaning to write an Nginx module for graphing RRDtool data
  • Craig Latta - Squeak 4
  • Allison Miller: Probably just recovering from her flight down from Seattle, but if she gets herself together, some network packet data analysis/visualization work.
  • Matt Windwer - learning Ruby / Rails, working on StuckinBed.org, a niche social network for depression
  • ian nieves... s s s sucka. coming to FINALLY put some virtual lego code online. some peeps in scandinavia have been asking me for code... um so i guess you'll get some of my worst code ever :) shout out to my peeps roberto, mike from idb, jimspring if you are who i think you are...
  • RohitKhare, live from New York City (really! :) Trying to learn how all of the Facebook notification APIs are supposed to work...
  • Kartik Agaram - erstwhile C++ programmer from Texas, now all about rapid feedback from markets and the web. Check out hystry.com. Here from San Francisco to take a step back from RoR and check out the possibilities of web development in lisp.
  • Eugene Otto - Making a Facebook app, probably w/PHP
  • Zac Morris - Hacking around with the Twitter API and some shortest path problems. Playing code monkey for David Reid.
  • AdamSmith - scriptlets
  • Alina Libova
  • TimBonnemann
  • Bruce Gottlieb


More SHDH Info

Join us on IRC: #shdh on freenode



If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with SHDH and SHDH19



Or link us to your gallery on this page Photos

Did you take some videos? Embed or them at the top of this page! Videos



Need to setup carpooling or have other issues? List them here.


  • Kragen Sitaker: I'm hoping I can get a ride down with someone else to sometime near the start of the event. I'm coming from San Francisco, but I can Caltrain down to wherever. If you'd like to drive down with me, either message me (GTalk/Jabber: kragen@livejournal.com, AIM: ksitaker, Y!M: kragensitaker) or give me a call at +1 415 497 5513. (UPDATE Kragen is no longer needing a ride -- Danny Colligan)
  • Sarah Meyers and Richard Blakeley- need ride from SF. Please email: sarah@sarahmeyers.net
  • Danny Colligan: I also need a ride from SF, will split car fees, etc. Also, if anyone can pick me up from a caltrain station, I can do that. Email me at dannycolligan@gmail.com or find me on #shdh (chainlynx) (UPDATE -- Danny is no longer needing a ride!)


Lightning Talks: schedule

Do you have a burning desire to teach people how to program in brainf*ck?

Have you found a way to tunnel TCP/IP over Morse Code and want to share it with the world?


Well, you are in luck! SHDH presentations are back!

Yes, we are bringing presentations back to Super Happy Dev House.


With a NEW and IMPROVED format:

  1. Presentations are strictly limited to 5 minutes.
  2. Things covered in the presentations must be available for free (as in beer) to anybody.
  3. We only have long enough DVI cable for our projector (can anyone bring/donate a really long VGA cable? ~25'). If you dont have DVI, be prepared to use someone else's machine.


We call this format "Lightning Talks".

Presentations can be on any topic of interest to hackers and thinkers.

We have 10 slots open for SHDH19. If you want to give a presentation, please email me at: (joel)@(franusic).(com) to reserve your slot.


Other Points of Interest


Pool & Fun


If you want to swim, bring a swimsuit and a towel. Pool ~88 degrees, Hot-tub ~102 degrees

Some of you may remember last year's SHDH0xB where it was still almost 95 degrees near midnight.

If its hot, be sure to bring your suit and towel, you'll be glad you did.


Fire Pit

Smores anyone?



Food (Courtesy of our SuperSponsor MDV)

We have not yet picked a food "theme" for this event but more details will follow as we get closer to the event date.



Add some bling to your name tag at the front desk. Bling chart:

  Zombies or Ruby
  Robots or PHP
  Pirates or Python
  Ninjas or Perl