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sponz0r of hax

Event Info


  • She's legal, she just can't stay out past midnight.
  • Located at our Hillsborough location
  • Bring your own meat to BBQ for dinner if you wish
  • very limited/no wired Ethernet access, bring usb WiFi Card if you bring a desktop.
  • Letter18
  • Add your name to the attendance list if you wish, and/or sign up on upcoming.org
  • Join us on IRC: #shdh on freenode
  • If you have any questions call Tom @ 408 472 9614
  • Dramatic


User Timetable

  • 3:15pm - 36 people present
  • 4:15pm - 55 people present
  • 5:00pm - 70 people present
  • 6:15pm - 116 people present (RECORD!)
  • 7:15pm - 106 people
  • 8:35pm - 114 people
  • 9:20pm - 115 people



Who's going to be here and why?


Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on.


  • DavidWeekly - localhost
  • Tom Harrison - yes.
  • JeffLindsay - blah blah
  • JoelFranusic - Um?
  • MikeLundy - I wanted to make an ipv6 joke, but they killed fec0::/10
  • Stephan Branczyk - yes
  • Sam Odio - My friend calls SHDH an "orgy of hackers." I told him that's why I go. << Anyone going home to palo alto or teh caltrain? email me: sam å† bluwiki ∂ø† com


  • Lori Guidos - Will bring some type of food either vegetarian pizza or brownies or something.
  • AmitPatel - playing with make controller kit if it ever arrives the make controller kit never arrived, so I might do Flash/AJAX/e7 hacking instead; I'll be the one with the green computer. I ended up working on a Flash client that would take commands over the network, so that EricTiedemann could write vector graphics in e7 and have them show up in the browser.
  • Eric Tiedemann - playing with Amit and working on e7 lisp; will be the one with the red computer
  • Laurence Gonsalves - talking with Amit and Eric and not working (no show)
  • Liz Henry - messing with Socialtext REST API
  • Bill Lazar - Magic8 Ball says odds are good that this event will be spent getting my small Rails/ActiveScaffold app production ready
  • Mark Willey - The Markov Machine, learning Haskell, exploring the wonders of JavaScript, playing with Xen
  • Ian McKellar - talking about Songbird, hacking on my acts_as_secure rails plugin, perhaps hacking some f8 hacks
  • Krishna Sankar - Will bring samosas ! Moderately Massive Parallelism, Precision time synchronization, Native threads & parallelism on Ruby, Autonomous-Asymmetric-Mobile-Embedded-Composable Networks, Lego Robotics,...
  • NickPeters - I heard there was gonna be beer at this thing.
  • SongLi - Wonder if I'm the first Chinese hacker joining this, hope not. :)
  • DeanQ - This would be my first SHDH. On the fence with Ruby, still on the shameful copy CakePHP. Anyone else on this boat?
  • SeanHead - coming interested in WiFi mesh networking, disposible robotics, AI and manufacturing. I have a project in mind...
  • Seth Kingsley - Let's just see if I can actually show up this time...
  • 21.. Ratanjit Gandhok - Hacking the iPhone ?? Reducing fossil fuel consumption | Ratanjit.Gandhok AT Gmail.com
  • Martin Bogomolni - Bringer of tri-tip. Also continuing work on a new vehicle control system for an electric van and truck. Will bring Atmel AVR and PIC chips to teach embedded controller programming.
  • SanfordBarr - Because STIRR is a fan of Da House. Also looking to touch base with other Rails hacks
  • BruceJBell - never been before.
  • Dru Nelson - who knows, definitely some laid back web hacking
  • ymc - want to know what the fuss is about.
  • Tantek
  • SeanOsteen - Diving into rails and checking out shdh for the first time.
  • Nathan Schmidt - probably PBwiki hacking
  • Alex Payne - Ruby shmoozing, etc.
  • Richard White - Blathering, organizing for ActiveScaffold 1.1, hacking on graph paper?
  • Lindsay Docherty - Taking pictures, coming because my b/f Rich (see above) is making me :)
  • Jordan Sissel - hacking on personal projects unless I find better ideas.
  • Charles Merriam - A broken laptop screen means no fun tomorrow, and no comparison on languages talk. :(
  • Simran Gleason - Working on java sound stuff for the orb swarm. Also Kepler's Orrery
  • Dan Eisinger - Developing on the Facebook platform, new and improved!
  • DrewPerttula - from photographs of a house, i require a 3d model which i can repaint and redecorate
  • MengWengWong - shdh18 pictures on Flickr. Started pobox.com and SPF. Now doing Karmasphere reputation systems for web services (dayjob) and whofuckedwhom.com (lolproject). Interested in data visualization and graphic design.
  • BrianKrausz - PHP, and lots of it.
  • MichaelStoppelman
  • Phillip Nelson - Video/Audio flash media server, php, ai, project management software, phillipnelson@gmail.com
  • JaredSohn
  • SrinivasJaini- Checking out Adobe Flex IDE that claims Ajax application development
  • AdamSmith - Sitting next to KathleenTuite...




If you have an interesting technical subject that you think would be useful for other geeks to know about, email Joel Franusic - jfranusic at gmail.com.


Talks will be FIVE MINUTES and no longer. Timothy is going to be keeping time!


You don't have to present only things of your own creation; if you found something really cool on the Net, like #develop, or you've figured out NSIS, please feel free to give a little talk about what you've found!


Explicit sales pitches for products / services that cannot be at least trial'ed for free are discouraged.


The Lightning Talk Schedule will be decided on the day of SHDH18.




Recuriting at SHDH.




If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh18




Videoblog: (from previous hillsborough event)