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SuperHappyDevHouse 16

Saturday, March 24th, 1pm-1am

2735 Skyfarm Drive, Hillsborough, CA




sponz0r of hax

Event Info


  • Located at our Hillsborough location
  • Bring your own meat to BBQ for dinner if you wish
  • very limited/no wired Ethernet access, bring usb WiFi Card if you bring your desktop (desktop? did you mean laptop?)yeah, sometimes we see desktops, not too often though.
  • Announce Email
  • Add your name to the attendance list if you wish, and/or sign up on upcoming.org
  • Join us on IRC: #shdh on freenode
  • If you have any questions call Tom @ 408 472 9614



Who's going to be here and why?


Add your name to the list and make yourself a page about what you are working on.





If you take photos at this event, Please upload them to Flickr and tag them with shdh and shdh16