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What is SRC-GEN? 


In it's current form, it is a PHP5 rapid development framework.  It provides architecture, modules, and visual tools for developers to build complex enterpise web applications faster.  It favors established web development conventions to get a foundation for an application up and running quickly and then allows for complete customization, and third-party library integration.


How can you help? 


The creators of SRC-GEN are looking for ways to make it useful for other developers.  Go to www.src-gen.com, sign up for a free demo account, and give us your feedback!  Your input will help us understand:


  • How SRC-GEN compares in yoiur view to other rapid development frameworks
  • What is currently missing in other rapid development frameworks that SRC-GEN could provide
  • Under what model to best release SRC-GEN to the development community.