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Recruiting at SHDH tends to be a fruitless endeavor. We do not encourage non-hacker recruiters to attend SHDH.


Among other examples, somebody once tried to GIVE AWAY a company worth a million (or so) dollars. He wasn't able to give away his company.


A good place to find hackers for hire is Originate Labs, a company that will help you with development for money or equity: http://originatelabs.com/


But all I need is a programmer!

Read this: http://codeclimber.blogspot.com/2008/04/all-i-need-is-programmer.html


If you are still interested in looking for a hacker at SHDH, please put your name on this wiki. We will direct hackers looking for work to this page.




Names Go Here


  • I'm Cooper Marcus, a serial entrepreneur and wannabe geek. I'm growing a revenue-generating startup and I'm looking for founding team members to code our web app and share in our success - email cooper.marcus@gmail.com 
  • I'm looking for folks with an interest in P2P, VOIP, or are excellent GUI designers. -- Sean Heiney sean (at) sean.net
  • Joe Stump, Lead Architect for Digg, is wearing a black Digg hoodie and collecting resumes for PHP and C hackers. I'm in the room to the right of the front door.
  • I'm looking for iPhone Visionaries -- waffelboy
  • Hello - my name is David and I'm with Hollrr.com.  We are looking for a wickedly talented Rail Engineer to join the team at Hollrr.  If you'd like more info, please check out this jobs page or email me at hegs (at) hollrr (dot) com.


Hi there, I'm looking for contract developers who are able to work in our office in SF (near ATT Park), and develop Java apps on our Apache/Tomcat/Hibernate/Postgres stack. Please contact me at robert@powerreviews.com if interested.


Looking for discovery architects. If you know what that means, i am sure we will have a great chat! mingyeow@gmail.com