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SHDH13 - First DevHouse. Conversed with people and got my learn on.

SHDH14 - Discussed Systems with Jeff Lindsay and wrote my first Greasemonkey script: Social xFolk.

SHDH15 - Attempted to grok the OpenID protocol. Didn't do so well

SHDH16 - At this point I've given up on doing any sort of project at SHDH and instead met a lot of cool new people.   Talked about my startup school experience and finally got around to lurning Yahoo Pipes.


SHDH18 - I remember double-fisting energy drinks and looking at activescaffold.  Gave presentation on enhancing mobile interfaces with microformats.

SHDH19 - uhhhhh.



SHDH22 - picturesofpeopletakingpictures.net, Started judging system for crash/compile competition, looked at android and wrote hello world app :)


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