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Mark has been programming and building electronics since he was 15.  Mark has worked at Sun Microsystems since 1989 and has been a researcher and prototyping engineer at SunLabs since 1994.  Mark designed the electronics for Sun's first ever laptop concept (in 1995).  Even though the design was for research into mobile computing, the design never made it to product.  Only about 25 units were ever made.


Most recently Mark lead the Hardware design effort and architecture for a Intel Atom based tablet computer concept prototype.  Mark has also worked on other concept prototypes such as wearable computers, a MacMini-sized SPARC workstation(1996), a modular handheld computer that could be reconfigured as needed and a Java based HD television set-top-box (which became a OEM product from Sun).


Mark spends his time focusing on the hardware needs of the hobby robotics market.


Stuff I'm Working On:

  • Maehem Media ( ) - Consulting Services.
  • Circuit Monkey ( ) - Sells a breakout board for the Sun SPOT system.
  • ( )

         A proposed compliance standard for Robotics Interconnect for hobby and professional use.

         Defines connector, pin-out and mechanical board sizes to enable multiple vendors to create

         compatible robotics hardware.