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joel (a)(t) franusic [dot] c o m


Things I know that I'd be happy to help people learn:

  • nginx configuration
  • passenger configuration
  • capistrano
  • making a private certificate authority
  • git



SHDH5: slut-o-meter

SHDH6: Education Stuff

SHDH7: Learning LISP

SHDH8: Talking about subversiveness, talking with other people.

SHDH9: Looking at webstats, meh. (Forgot to bring: Mac mini power supply)

SHDH10: Learned to use Context Free (Forgot to bring: Monitor for Mac mini)

SHDH11: Art (Borrowed Tom's PowerBook, thanks Tom!)

SHDH12: Attended a wedding instead

SHDH13: Worked on a stdin/stdout IP Address tool (yet to be relased). Met an old friend. (Forgot to bring: power supply for a laptop)

SHDH14: Participating in Holiday Related Activities instead

SHDH15: Worked on yip (same project as SHDH13). Learned a bunch of neat LaTeX stuff.

SHDH16: Showed up late, high on the kool aid from Startup School. Talked to lots of people. I don't remember much else.

SHDH17: Hosted Lightning Talks, gave a Lightning Talk. Discussed Big Ideas with Hackers/Thinkers

SHDH18: Attempted to greet as many people as possible. Met lots of cool new people! Hosted Lightning Talks.

SHDH19: Greeted lots of people! Played around with my Sun Ray's.

SHDH20: Worked on some Sun Ray stuff, talked to people.

SHDH21: Came to SHDH21, didn't return to SLO. Talked to people.

SHDH22: Greeting people, helping to organize Lightning Talks.





SHDH26: Greeting people. Got the label printer working at the very last minute.




SHDH30: Greeting people?


SHDH32: Doorman/Security guard







People who want Joel to move are happy are Super Happy that Joel moved to the Bay Area: DanielBohannon, TomHarrison, DavidWeekly, AdamSmith, DavidReed, TimFitz, MikeLundy, Seth Kingsley, Elliot Foster, C├ęsarSalazar