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shdh 29:

fixing makefiles and test suites on my startup, trying cruisecontrol, writing RDF demos for Joel


shdh 12:

shouldn't we do something with what's on the screens of all the computers in the house? HousewideScreengrab


shdh 11:

i need a better stumbler- one that never ever gets wedged. It also needs to handle my more complex net setups- ppp-over-ssh, etc. It should probably provide a single interface which it can pipe through a changing wireless interface. It should probably use http://www.plope.com/software/supervisor/




can't stay long, but i really want to see polypaudio work for playing audio over the net. want to be a test client? find me on irc




might work on http://semfile.bigasterisk.com "tag all your own files", or more gasuse.


you might be able to hit my local instance of semfile at




6'9" tall; laptop says 'compaq'; working on http://bigasterisk.com/gasuse with rdf and nevow and svg


you might be able to see my work in progress at


i'm from 94578