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DevHouse 30 Post-mortem

Headcount: 350!


What was liked:

Trance music via the PA system

People circulating due to larger space

There were hella people here (around 400!!!!)

Lots of rooms

Individual rooms for individual purposes (textiles vs robots)

Audio everywhere (PA to announce, lightning talks piped into everything, big screens for talks)

Crafts room was awesome, pulled different mix. Games room pulled that too. More families came.

Impromptu talks in conf rooms. Conference Tracks? (booed)

Sun did a lot of shit for us; we didn't have to think about it.


What made it so big?

About twice as big as any other devhouse.

Facebook posting inviting you to invite other friends. ++++

Crowd drew a crowd.

We knew the space could handle it.

SHDH will expand to fit the volume available.

Bigger buzz around this one, lots of people seemed to just know what was going on.

"Dipped toe into the Sun room, enjoyed it at 25 and invited all their friends to 30."


What could have gone better?

Dance room didn't work.

Human Search Engine

People were too timid

Might not scale up? O(N**2)

Could be replaced by interest areas?

Timing of dinner vs lightning talks; do dinner before lightning talks?

Lightning talks

Lack of trash cans; too much trash

Mac wifi didn't always work   

-Bug is being opened at wifi provider and they will have it fixed. dhclient issue.

Snacks were a little too high-sugar, missing carrots, veggie trays

Missed out on the blackbox tour.

Explain the layout better (map!)


Are we going to have too many people next time?

Announce later, wing it


Can we get bigger? Are there bigger venues?

Computer History Museum





Random thoughts:

Continue experimenting: smaller; decentralized "miniminidevhouse"; concurrent devhouses

     periodically consider whether chick-focused dev house would be obnoxious or not-- like the idea of getting chicks together to be badass and hack; hate the idea of chicks talking      about being chicks (jessy).

South America! (Kragen)


Lots of people liked them

Other stuff might be cool

Long sleeve as an option

not just girl "sizes" but girl "tshirts" (v-neck, fitted, tanks... ).

maybe people could make custom dev house shirts at dev house? that'd be cool.

Do donations better if we need them

Tell people how much we want

Admission fee? Generally against; minimum suggested donation asked by a pretty girl.

Donation box at the door.

Minimum suggestion / person somewhere later (after people have thoroughly enjoyed themselves)

$10 would totally float devhouse.

Run devhouse in the black.

When pizza is served, donation is $2 but the pizza is way more expensive

Sponsorship allows us to be careless with the sponsorship.

Need to clarify the sponsorhip position with MDV (get an upper bound)

More transparency around funding.

Qualify as a 501(c)7 (membership only?)