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David Evan Harris



I'm thrrrrilled to be coming to my first SHDH to talk about the Global Lives Project, a peer-produced video library of human life experience, taking shape as a portable video installation, an interactive website, and an educational curriculum.


I'll be giving a lightning talk at SHDH 25 with the following content:


1) Video: Welcome to the Global Lives Project [Quicktime 67mb]  [YouTube] (I'm only showing the first minute, you can watch the rest later)


2) A nifty slideshow about GLP [PDF 32mb]


For more about me, see my little blog.


Note 5/17/08 - Thanks all for a great time at my first SHDH! Enjoyed meeting all of you and esp hearing your thoughtful comments and input. Hope to be back soon! Email me at david [at] globallives [dot] org if you want to volunteer or get our quarterly updates. Bravo!