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East Bay


* DariusRoberts & Homelessmathguy need a ride from East Bay (or SF). If you are available to pick us up, please text-message where/when to meet to 530-848-7786 (and delete this comment).


North Bay


  • Erik @erikbabel or 707-502-2235 Driving from Santa Rosa, anyone need a ride let me know.


Commuting via BART (Probably most relevant for events at the Hillsborough location)


  • Milbrae is the last BART station. Directions linked on the FrontPage.


Here is a breakdown of the BART trains leaving from Embarcadero and arriving at Millbrae:



Departs Arrives

EMBR 6:21p MLBR 7:01p

EMBR 6:41p MLBR 7:21p

EMBR 7:01p MLBR 7:41p

EMBR 7:21p MLBR 8:01p

EMBR 7:41p MLBR 8:21p

EMBR 8:01p MLBR 8:41p

EMBR 8:21p MLBR 9:01p

EMBR 8:41p MLBR 9:21p

EMBR 9:01p MLBR 9:41p

EMBR 9:21p MLBR 10:01p

EMBR 9:41p MLBR 10:21p

EMBR 10:01p MLBR 10:41p

EMBR 10:21p MLBR 11:01p

EMBR 10:41p MLBR 11:21p

EMBR 11:01p MLBR 11:41p

EMBR 11:21p MLBR 12:01a

EMBR 11:41p MLBR 12:21a

EMBR 12:01a MLBR 12:41a

EMBR 12:21a MLBR 1:01a

EMBR 12:43a MLBR 1:23a



Who wants to volunteer to be the shuttle from the station to the house?