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I will be playing around with some asterisk hacks.


  • Asterisk Roulette - people register for a round by entering in their phone number in the web interface, then the asterisk server will dial everyone at the same time... one lucky person will get 'shot' by hearing a special sound, then the asterisk server will hangup on everyone and redial everyone again... except the person who got 'shot', the game progesses until only 1 man is left standing.


  • Asterisk Chicken - everyone on the round list will get dialed at the same time, the first person to pick up wins.


  • Asterisk Random Chat - Randomly two people will be connected to chat... at any time they can press * to be dropped out and paired up with another random person... similar in vein to http://randomproxy.mooo.com/


  • Asterisk Hide and Seek - everyone is dialed at the same time, then a random person is chosen to hide. The person 'hides' by entering a secret 'extension', then people are allowed to 'seek' by entering random extensions... possible with some indication of 'warmer'/'colder' if the extension you entered is near the hiding persons.


  • Something with TTS ...


Depending on network conditions and inbound channels participates might have to dial in with skype or similar software phone.


Currently I only have a inbound number from the UK... so any inbound connections will be long distance international calls. However I have unlimited outbound calls to the US PSTN... This is where the web interface comes into play... people register online to play the games, and the server calls them.


Can someone post some info about the network at SHDH?

It's actually not all that great. We all share the same net and I believe it's Comcast.





Can you make a game where you randomly pair people to talk? Kind of like http://randomproxy.mooo.com/ but with the phone...


I have changed the spin the bottle concept to the random chat idea...


It would appear the network might be shady to actually host the asterisk server at the house. Would anyone be willing to 'colo' it for a day or two?