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Adam Smith

http://adamsmith.as AIM: wavedirect2


Previous SHDH Project Involvements:

  • slut-o-meter
  • AjaxWar presentation
  • frilly designs in ContextFree -- lead to nice xmas gifts
  • a data visualizer for There.com
  • hacking teh intarweb
  • automatic wardriving
  • teaching common lisp
  • grading assignments from a scientific visualization class
  • badmouthing programming languages designed for average programmers (C++,Java,PHP,...) (PaulGraham made me do it)
  • establishing self-subverting subversion, borrowing ideas from the darcs-ide
  • fleshing out the conceptual underpinnings of peanutbutterization
  • analysing the slogs
  • AjaxWar grudge match madness